Why do I Need HCG? on Low Carb Diets: can’t I just reduce my calories?

Very low carbohydrate diets without HCG are difficult to do because of many problems. Here are some of the difficulties low carb dieters experience:

  1. Constant Hunger
  2. Being cold
  3. Fatigued and sleepy all day
  4. Metabolism decreased by 30%. Making the actual reduction in weight slow down
  5. Anemia and very low blood sugars
  6. Inability to concentrate
  7. Marked weakness during physical activity.
  8. Sex interest was markedly decreased.
  9. Marked reduction in physical activity

starvation dietsThe answer is clearly NO, here is a summary from one of the largest controlled weight loss studies. Subjects were in a hospital-laboratory so the exact amount of exercise and food was known. Physicians at the US Nutrition laboratory put 100 men a 900-1100 calorie diet with the intention of reducing their weight by 10% a month. All food groups were included. Calories were reduced by serving very small portions. For some men, this was almost a starvation diet. Their diet would be adjusted to maintain this weight loss for another two months. Subjects lost the weight but complained of multiple symptoms.

But more important, look what happened when the low carb diets were over:

After the diet, every one of the subjects experienced excess eating and in less than 2 weeks they all had regained their weight loss. In almost every instance the subjects gained weight equal to or more than the starting weight! That’s Why You Need HCG on low carb diets. 

This report is typical of millions of other dieters who attempt to lose weight without concentrating on the carbs, protein, fat and ignoring the metabolism. Hunger was literally uncontrollable in these semi-starvation studies. More important the reduction in food led to a disproportionate reduction in energy expenditure and metabolic activity.

Why you need HCG on low carb diets

The human body is constructed to maintain its weight–resisting both weight gain and weight loss so that the obese remain obese and the thin remain thin. Dr Jules Hirsch from the Rockefeller University writes, “Of all the damn unsuccessful treatments, the treatment of weight reduction by diet for obese people just doesn’t seem to work.” The HCG diet offers chance for quick weight loss without all the side effects of the ultra low carb diets.

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  • Veronica Seabury

    I have done HCG in the past and I have insomnia due to high cortisol. Can I still safely do this diet?Any suggestions.Really need to lose 50, 60lbs but have not tried to do so because I am afraid I will not get any sleep.At present get betweem 5 to 6 hrs of sleep.Any imput will be appreciated.By the way I’m 62yrs old.

    • There is no effect on sleeping due to HCG hormone or HCG diet. Insomnia might be due to cortisol taken has a medication, but high cortisol in your blood as seen in Cushings Disease does not cause insomnia in the first place.There are many treatable causes of insomnia, you need to look for them.

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