500 Calorie to the  800 Calorie HCG Diet: New Foods/Drinks/Condiments

500-800 calorie HCG diet food and plans: What’s the difference?  Why make changes?  Dr Lipman recognizes that most people are uncomfortable eating only 500 calories a day especially starting with an apple or grissini stick for breakfast.  Certainly, it’s not enough calories for most men. For many women, its also too low. It leads to episodes of low blood sugar reactions and feelings of deprivation. Many diet authorities  consider the 500 calorie HCG food plan unhealthy, unsustainable in the long run and unnecessary. Some observers found rapid development of gall stones, electrolyte and vitamin deficiencies.

Here are 2 sample daily food menus from the 500 Calorie HCG Diet:500 calorie hcg food menus



The current 800 calorie HCG diet evolved slowing from the original 500 calorie diet of Dr Simeons as new products were discovered and the importance of breakfast in controlling the day’s food choices and metabolism. Even more important has been observation that high protein in foods and drinks helps increase metabolism and control hunger.   Dr Lipman recognizes that most people are not comfortable eating only 500 calories. Certainly, it’s not enough calories for most men. For many women, its also too low. It leads to episodes of low blood sugar reactions and feelings of deprivation. He has increased the choices slightly for men since they require a little more food than women. HCG diet drops are extremely safe for both women and men. Men do not to be concerned about any “hormonal” problems from HCG.

Modern day food science has produced over the past 15 years many really clever, low calorie, low carb products appropriate for the HCG diet that Dr Simeons described and used in 1953 in Rome, Italy.   Starting with low carb wraps(50 calories, 1-2 carbs, 8 fiber, 8 protein) to low carb, high protein yogurt(50 calories, 2 carbs) and then to vegetables make from zucchini and lentils to made to imitate wheat pasta and most recently to frozen cauliflower that  imitates rices and potatoes  the explosion in new products has been amazing. It has made the evolving 800 calorie HCG diet successful for millions of people without deviating significantly from the original Simeons  principles at the same time as offering a very low carb weight loss plan.

Here are some of the new food choice we have added to the original Simeons’ diet for the 800 Calorie HCG menu:

  • More protein at breakfast, lunch and dinner to produce fullness and reduce cravings.
  • 3 Fruits a day, low carb wraps, low carb yogurt, high protein-low sugar bars and shakes
  • Unlimited vegetables except for beans, carrots and peas
  • 3  Low calorie, no sugar snacks a day
  • More vegetables at lunch and  dinner meal.
  • Vegetable cauliflower and zucchini noodles replace the major carbs
  • Almost zero calorie olive oil and margarine replacements

“New Pounds and Inches”-Dr Lipman’s First Updating of Simeons’ Protocol

New Pounds and Inches -update of original Simeons HCGrestaurants and recpes is Dr Lipman booklet outlining best restaurants for the 800 calorie HCG dietDr :Lipmans New Pounds and Inches in Spanish  Dr Lipman’s first booklets describing the updated 800 calorie HCG diet.

500 to 800 calorie HCG diet results in  hundreds of food options and preparations. When it comes to dieting one size certainly does not fit all. Dr Lipman’s first book on the 800 Calorie HCG diet began almost 8years ago withNew Pounds and Inches. In this book he introduced some radical changes to Dr. Simeons’ original 500 calorie HCG diet plan. This started with protein for breakfast and addition of high protein, low sugar bars and shakes.  After all, there were thousands of new products, food additives, preservatives and food preparation techniques in the 55 years since Dr Simeons wrote his original book. Dr Lipman updated  New Pounds and Inches in 2018 with New 800 Calorie HCG Diet adding more food and beverage choices as well as HCG preparations.

How Dr Lipman Found New Foods for 800 Calorie HCG Food Plan Based on Guidelines from Simeons’ Original Pounds and Inches

800 calorie HCG food plan was appealing and hundreds of Dr Lipman’s patients were willing to make changes and experiment with the foods and drinks. The goal was to make a more tolerable  HCG food plan as long as they continued to burn fat and lose large amount of weight without introducing hunger or cravings. Dr Lipman and his patients started with the foods suggested by Dr Simeons in 1954 including grissino bread sticks, melba toast, egg whites, no fat cottage cheese, Stevia, saccharine, and many “low calorie, low carb food found in other countries'” that were described by Dr Simeons in the 1950’s.

“Matching ” Newer Products to the Older Simeons’ Food Products:

Dr Lipman and his patients began by “matching” newer low calorie, low fat and low carb products that had similar calories, fat, protein and carbs to accepted Simeons products. We used the “2+2″ rule for selecting prepared foods that have both sugar and fat: It means that products (assuming calories are appropriate) must have 2 grams of sugar or less and 2 grams of fat or less. (When either value is slightly higher, i.e. 2.5 grams of sugar, then use the total which should still be less than 4.) Read REVIEWS OF 800 CALORIE HCG DIET.

Reviews from Dr Lipman Dieters Who Did the 500 Calorie and latter 800 Calorie HCG Diet

I have personally treated more than 100 patients who have done the hCG diet following the 500 calorie and latter the 800 calorie HCG plan. Almost all of the patients reported no difference in weight loss when comparing plans. They all  felt the 800 calorie food plan was more realistic. Read their comparisons and watch several videos of these patient’s experiences.

Where Dr Lipman and His Patients Found New HCG Friendly Products

New 800 calorie HCG diet food plan came from multiple food sources, including:

  • Food products Dr Lipman and his patients discovered  that were left over from the 2004 low carb craze at supermarkets, Amazon, low carb web sites
  • Atkins Diet Products,
  • New products produced for diabetics in the past 6 years.
  • Hundreds of newer products from local supermarkets, health food stores, organic markets and on-line sources that proved to be suitable for the HCG diet. Many were found in Whole Food Markets and on line at Amazon.com and other low calorie, low carb web sites such as LoCarbU and Netrition.

Dr Lipman and his patients introduced each new product- one at a time. Each new product had to meet the following criteria to begin to be tested:

    1. Similar (or even lower) calories, fat, carbs, protein and sugar as original Simeons products
    2. Careful attention to amount of sugar and carbs, easy portion control, when possible.
    3. Food products that stopped fat burning, caused  hunger, water retention or weight gain were rejected.
    4.  To make sure they would “work” he had his patients test their urine for ketones while on the diet to see if they were still burning fat when using these products.

This food plan presented below is still evolving every day as Dr Lipman’s and his patients continue to make changes as new products evolve. Dr Lipman’s current 800 Calorie HCG Daily Food menus are in their 10th update!

How Dr Lipman’s Food Menus Can Make It Easy to Find the Best Food & Drink Choices for the 800 Calorie HCG Diet

Dr. Lipman uses 6 food menus-one for breakfast, lunch, dinner, fruits, snacks and condiments to provide the HCG dieter with the
best choices in foods, drinks and condiments. Each food menu, as shown below in the breakfast menu shows total calories, number of
food choices, free foods, portion, preparation, brands, often calories, carbs, protein and often where to buy the product. As new
products become available the food menus are updated. We are in our 10th update since 2013. You can download the most recent
version of our food  menus.

how to use 800 calorie hcg food menu

The standard  nutrition label serves as the best technique to find the best foods and drinks for the HCG diet. Remember, the total calories should not be more than 800 calories per day. Using Dr Lipman’s food menus you can chose your foods by the thumbnail pictures which show you portions, preparations and even best brands.

However, sometimes you want to try new brands and new foods. Use a food label to help you. The following video will show you how to find the best choices. Here are links to SHOPPING LIST OF 800 CALORIE HCG FOODS AND DR LIPMAN’S  AMAZON.COM.

HCG Diet - Reading Food Labels Video


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  • I would like to see testimonials on this ” new improved ” menu. Part of the success of the HCG diet isn’t only low cal… but certain restrictions are in place because the diet will not work otherwise. Of course with an 800 cal diet people lose weight however the large weight loss that occurs with a standard HCG diet. I would love to see you post actual results and reviews.

    • Visit the Testimonials Page to see what people are saying about my HCG Diet. You can also read reviews on individual product pages – start here.

      • Dr. Lipman:

        I have a surplus of IsaLean shakes and Isagenix Ionix Supreme. Are you familiar with them? Can they be incorporated into the HCG 800 plan?

    • I just want you to know that this diet actually works if you do it the right way.The first time I did the 500 calories answer lost about 63 pounds and now I am trying the 800 calorie diet and in my first two days I lost about 4 pounds.But try it and you will see that it works.

    • Dionne my name I started at 194 on November 28 it’s December 9th 12 days later at 184. On the 800 cal protocol. I did cheat a few times and do mild workout twice a week but I am a teacher so I move all day and burn major calories. My goal is not fat hanging off of me around 140. I will keep u all posted I’m on my first round. I did this diet 5 yrs ago lost 24 lbs on 40 days.

  • I lost 20 lbs in a month. I did have a few cheat meals during that month with trips away. I’ve found at age 58 this was the only diet plan that worked for me. During the month off I only gained a few pounds back. Very happy with this diet plan.

  • I’m 46 with RA and this is the only diet that has worked for me. I’m 30 days in and have lost 20 pounds. Very happy with it.

  • I have been on the HCG diet, for about 25 days and have lost about 22.2 labs, along with much body fat. I really have to work more on my body water mass.

  • I did the HCG a few years back with the 500 cal meal plan and list 37 pounds. Unfortunately I gained it back plus 25 more! Is it safe to restart the program? I heard that it messes with your motabalism and I can’t afford to gain any more weight.

    • Of course its fine to do the HCG diet again. The 800 calorie HCG diet is much easier than what you did. Many more foods and snacks prevents hunger and cravings. I would suggest you use our
      superior HCG since you have done the HCG previously. I does not mess with your metabolism.

  • Is it okay to have 1 or 2 shots of vodka in this diet

  • I had Cervical cancer (had surgery to remove my uterus) 27 years ago, and my ovaries were removed 8 years ago, because of cysts. I would love to try this diet and not the “hormone free”. I’m in my 50’s and my weight just creeps up and up. I need to lose at least 50lbs. Is there any danger of using the regular drops???

  • Dr Lipman,

    I had a DVT and am on Coumadin. I am missing 2 Clotting factors. I am 50 lbs Overweight . I am checking my INR twice a week and I believe the Injectible HCG + following your 850 calorie diet will not hurt me.

    Do you agree? I figure getting the weight off is a Top Priority . I think losing the weight faster than the 1/2 lb a week loss will be motivating

    I am on Metformin for “Hyperinsulinism”. I am taking 500mg XR BID. Is there a Sliding Scale to use based on my FBS to get off the Metformin?

    I am a Nurse Practitioner + Need to loose 50 lbs.

  • Is it safe to do this while breastfeeding?

  • I did the 500 calorie plan a few years ago and loved my results, but i was miserable and tired the whole time. I didn’t realize there was an 800 calorie version and this one look so much easier to maintain. I have already begun the 500 calorie plan-is it okay to switch now? Or will it throw everything off?

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