Each year millions of people think about dieting to lose some weight only to have the thought stopped with the question, “Why Lose Weight?” After all, as most of us probably know, you torture yourself for 3 or 4 months to drop 15 or 20 pounds and before you know it the weight is back, plus a few extra pounds. So, naturally, the question of why lose weight wins out and we decide to stick with our current lifestyle of over indulging and manipulating the TV remote. One of the problems for most of those dieters is the diet the choose has taken too long and they have not completed their program before the natural boredom sets in. In addition, they have no plan for permanent weight loss. The new 800 calorie HCG diet offers fast weight loss that is much more permanent than any other choices, is effective, safe and does not require strenuous exercise. Most important it’s  fast. Most people will be done with the diet before the boredom sets in.

Weight Loss on the HCG Diet Produces Physical Benefits

Think about this. Every year, nearly 112 million people die from complications due to being overweight. If you’re an adult between 30 and 65 years of age, being 10 to 20 pounds overweight dramatically increases your risk developing many weight related illness as well as dying prematurely. In general, people who are dramatically overweight are more likely to die from their unhealthy lifestyle than people of the same age at a healthy weight.

The countless benefits to a healthy weight loss are immeasurable. Losing weight means a healthier heart, increased energy, better mobility, increased sex-drive, and the ability to do countless activities which are nearly impossible as an overweight individual. Being overweight, and especially being obese increases your risks of developing a multitude of debilitating diseases that can rob you of your youth. These include an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, orthopedic problems and cancer. By losing the weight and then maintaining a more normal weight, you can give yourself a greater opportunity to extend your lifespan and improve your quality of life.

If you consistently choose healthier eating choices and make a conscious effort to exercise, you will soon see a loss on your scale. After 2-4 weeks you should start seeing evidence of fat loss in the way your clothes fit. With daily effort, making the right choices to lose weight will get easier. Keep in mind these benefits of weight loss when your willpower slips:

  • Prevents type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and stroke
  • Control diabetes and blood sugar if you already have diabetes, even get off your medication
  • Improve energy levels
  • Improve ability to breathe
  • Reduce excess sweating
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • >Greater mobility and flexibility
  • Sleep better and wake up more rested
  • Feel happier and be more positive
  • Look better in clothes and have an easier time finding your size
  • Be more confident in a dress or bathing suit
  • Ability to run around with children or grandchildren
  • Feel more alert and focused during the day
  • Improve strength and ability to lift heavier objects by yourself
  • Improve confidence and self esteem
  • Lower feelings of depression
  • Reduce stress levels – feel less angry and more calm

Psychological Benefits from Weight Loss on the HCG Diet

Depressed Overweight LadyThe value of losing unwanted fat can have tremendous impact on one’s personality as well. Getting rid of the extra pounds not only helps you look better, but you also feel better and you improve your health. It gives many people a sense of self confidence and a chance even to improve their professional life. Whether we like it or not, overweight people often suffer prejudice in the workplace.

Although never openly said, obese people are still viewed as lazy and self-indulgent. Their problems are believed to relate to a lack of will power, and if they could only keep their “mouths shut”, their problems would be solved. Such accusations are rampant in the media and appear even in the writings of some physicians. According to them, an obese person can be successful in everything, yet fail repeatedly at what appears to be the simplest of tasks: limiting one’s food intake.

As an experiment, a group of incoming freshman at a medical school was shown slides depicting drug addicts and obese teenagers. The group was asked to choose which condition would be preferable for a child to suffer from. All of the students picked drug addiction over teen obesity, exemplifying the negative image that obesity carries today. Imagine thinking that being addicted to drugs is preferable to being chronically fat.

Starting a weight loss diet is tricky. Aside from lowering your risk for chronic disease, living longer, and being a good role model to your children, some have emotional and psychological reasons for wanting to lose weight.

Much is said and written about the physical affects of being overweight or obese. It is a fact that obesity is not good for physical health and well being of an individual. But there are other ‘side effects’ too. The psychological implications of being overweight are rather complicated and can effectively cause several problems for the mental health of an average person.

Lack of Confidence

The most common phenomenon associated with obese people is their low confidence level. Generally being overweight makes us feel insecure and we tend to believe that we are ‘ugly’ or looking ‘unattractive’. Both of these notions severely hamper our confidence in leading a normal life. You may start avoiding people or even start stammering in front of a friendly crowd.

Low Self esteem

Closely related to lack of confidence is low self esteem, but if both are present the damage can be doubled. If we lose respect in our own eyes the world responds accordingly. Women tend to be a victim of this psychological factor more than their male counterparts. We start doubting our own actions and people’s behavior towards us whether respectful or not seem always ‘hostile’ and ‘insolent’. This can easily make us a pessimistic or an ‘angry’ individual.


Negative emotions generated due to other people’s behavior towards us or our own self critical observations tend to make us depressed. And trust us when we tell you this that depression is the mother of all psychological disorders. It can be due to multitude of reasons true; but obesity is often also one of the reasons. Being overweight makes you unhappy with your ‘body’ and consequently you get ‘depressed’. Depression can lead to many physical and psychological ailments.

Manic disorder

Imagine yourself suffering from low confidence, lack of self esteem and depression; where will all this lead you to? Psychiatry may describe the term as ‘manic disorder’ where you will have frequent emotional outbursts and get angry at people for no apparent reason. The effects will multiply on its own and soon you will be experiencing anger which will manifest itself in different forms and may cause many untoward incidents.


People do not love being around some one who is always angry, frustrated or unpredictable. If you have failed to gain control over your mind than these emotions will be with you at all times and people around you will try to avoid you. Thus the eventual result will be a ‘solitary confinement’ which you would have caused to your own self. This will damage all personal relationships that you hold dear. You will be leading a lonely life all because you failed to address the root cause of your problems.

We are not trying to paint a ‘gloomy’ picture for you but the fact is that obesity does leads to psychological issues that can destroy your perfect life quite easily. Yet it is not an ‘untreatable disorder’, it’s not something which you cannot overcome with a little help. The right time to start will be now; from weight loss tips to consulting a dietician or seeking professional can easily nip this evil in the bud. So do not worry, it is never too late to start and we suggest that now is a good time as ever!

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