Vitamins and Supplements on HCG Diet Prevent Plateaus

Vitamins and supplememts prevent plateaus and slow downs on HCG and Keto Dits. While a low-carb diet  like the HCG or Keto diets can help you lose large amounts of  weight, eliminating major food groups from your diet may cause you to fall short on a few key nutrients. A low-carb diet may not provide enough of some of the B vitamins, zinc, potassium, vitamin E or calcium, according to a 2010 study published in the “Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.” The NIH reports on the need for supplements and vitamins during weight loss.

The 800 Calorie HCG diet can lead to a great amount of weight loss. I have my patients who are on the diet for more than 30 days buy some over the counter vitamin and mineral supplements. They cost less than $10.00 a month and I have found them helpful in preventing plateaus and slowdowns.


 vitamins an dSupplements on hcg diet

Multi-Vitamins are one of the examples how Dr Lipman’s HCG 800 Calorie Diet Differs from Dr Simeons’ Diet. Dr Simeons believed that the dieter should not add any vitamin or mineral complexes. My feeling is that a high-quality multivitamin supplement is important. Both diet systems are very low calorie and it is not unusual to see some depletion of minerals and vitamins. A good multivitamin helps weight loss and prevents problems, is inexpensive and certainly does not carry any untoward risk.

Vitamin B 12 is another example of a supplement that should be added to your HCG diet Plan, especially if you have a lot of weight loss.

Zinc Lozenges. A few women I have seen on the HCG diet notice thinning of their hair. Although the hair returns to normal after the diet, it is very distressful for some women. Zinc lozenges taken several times a week seems to reduce the hair loss.(OTC product at any drugstore.) I doubt that the hair loss is due to the HCG as similar weight loss is seen in many women who lose weight rapidly.

Potassium is another mineral that should be added to the HCG Diet when the dieter needs more than a one to two month to lose the weight. Again this is simple and prevents leg cramps often seen in the diet.

Magnesium is the other mineral that I do not routinely use, but on occasion it helps people with leg cramps and constipation.

Alli: Fat Blocker OTC Medication Produces Little Weight Loss

Alli is one of the only over-the-counter weight-loss products approved by the FDA. All other non-prescription weight loss products available are considered supplements, so no tests or special studies are conducted to verify their efficacy. Alli, on the other hand, has FDA backing. The pill (which is a lower dose equivalent of the prescription weight loss drug, Xenical) is a fat blocker. That means Alli prevents your body from absorbing part of the fat you consume. If you insist on eating large amounts of fat, you’ll end paying for it in the form of oily spotting, loose stools and more. If you restrict your fats you really don’t need this pill. Studies have shown 5 lb weight loss after a year of taking the Alli.  Although 5 lb may be significant, remember this is follow a low calorie diet and exercise plan and has an average cost of $170 per year!

vitamins and supplments on HCG Diet Alli fat blocker supplment

Supplements of No Value in the HCG Diet

Hoodia is a newer weight-loss supplement with little clinical research and information available to know if it’s effective. Hoodia is meant to help reduce appetite, and anecdotal evidence seems to indicate it works — sort of. Keep in mind that Hoodia seems to affect liver function and blood sugar, so diabetics and people with liver issues should be careful. Since it is a non-regulated supplement its almost impossible to find a pure preparation.

Chitosan Before Alli was approved, Chitosan was advertised as  the “fat blocker” of choice. There’s no proof that Chitosan works, but the supplement does cause similar effects to Alli — including loose stools, nausea and upset stomach.

Bitter Orange is a “calorie burner”. It’s supposed to increase metabolism so you burn more calories — especially when you exercise. Bitter orange increases your heart rate and raises blood pressure, so it can be dangerous for people with a heart condition. Like the other supplements there is no evidence that they are effective and even safe.

What Supplements are Recommended on Dr. Lipman’s HCG Diet?

Life's Fortune Multi-VitaminNot all vitamins are the same. Physical health, which is the basis for mental and emotional well being, cannot be maintained without adequate nutrition. Any diet that reduces your daily calorie consumption, including The 800 Calorie HCG diet, requires a significant reduction in food intake. So it follows that this may cause a reduction in nutrient intake. That’s the reason vitamins are required for safe and effective weight loss.

Dr. Lipman recommends Life’s Fortune Full-Spectrum Multi-Vitamin & Mineral supplement to maximize the effectiveness of the HCG Diet.

Life’s Fortune contains a combination and balance of energy–rich organic and natural proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, herbs and energy-rich whole food concentrates that can enhance your energy levels throughout the day. It is a complete, carefully selected, natural balance of nutrients that activates cellular metabolic pathways and sparks the vibrant energy that your body needs to function at peak mental, physical, and emotional efficiency.

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