My diabetes has been driving me crazy,...

Lucy J., Texas

My diabetes has been driving me crazy, the more medications I take the more I gain weight. Last year I was placed on insulin and i gained 20 lbs. My doctor told me to lose weight but he could not tell me how to do it other than “eat less and exercise more.” Well i tried that, the insulin made me so hungry. Finally my girlfriend suggested I try HCG. It worked so well, i am on my second month and my doctor could not believe what happened. I have lost not only the weight I put on with the insulin but 20 more lbs. I am on a roll! Hey Dr L., I will let you know what happens. I will be your best sales lady, keep it up and send me some more of your great products. So great, so good.

Dr. Richard Lipman, M.D.

Richard Lipman MD is a endocrinologist and board certified internist who has treated more than 10,000 overweight patients in his Miami office with his new 800 calorie HCG diet for the past 10 years in Miami, Fl