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Ratings of Dr Richard Lipman and On-line reviews help patients evaluate the skills, reputation and medical knowledge of medical physicians and their website.  Here are some of the medical review web sites, their ratings of Dr. Lipman  and what patients are saying about their medical experience with him.

HealthGrades Reviews of Dr Richard Lipman M.D.

Healthgrades reviews and ratings on Dr Richard Lipman MD

More than 30 million people a month visit Healthgrades provides an accurate and updated profile of medical professional in a user friendly experience. Healthgrades evaluates the medical practice and provides a 1-5 star rating scale. You can read what Dr Lipman’s patients have experienced under his care. Dr Lipman has 5 stars on all 10 his  Healthgrade Reviews. 

Yelp Reviews and Ratings of Dr Richard Lipman M.D.

Yelp Reviews and Ratings of Dr Richard Lipman MD

Ratings of Dr Richard Lipman MD in Yelp:  Yeko  reviews and rates medical offices specializing in weight loss. There review process is highly regarded accepting only very qualified reviewers. Dr Lipman’s medical practice scored 5 stars on all 7 published reviews and ratings on Yelp. Reviews of Dr Richard Lipman reviews of Dr Richard Lipman's medical office in South Miami, Fl reviews medical offfices throughout the country. See Dr Lipman’s office reviews. on

US News Review of Dr. Richard Lipman MD

US News Review of Dr Richard Lipman MD

US News and Reports is best known today for its influential Best Colleges and Best Hospitals rankings, but it has expanded its content and product offerings in education, health, money, careers, travel, and cars. More recently it has been ranking medical offices and practices across the country. Here are Dr Lipman’s recent rankings and reviews from some the patients he has treated for weight loss  on US News.

Ratings of Dr Richard Lipman MD are based on 10 reviews and all were very positive. Reviews of Dr. Richard Lipman MD reviews medical practice of Dr Richard L Lipman MD 33143

Ratings of Dr Richard Lipman MD: reviews medical offices and practices across the country providing ratings and patient reviews. See review of Dr. Lipman’s office in Miami, Fl 33143.

Facebook Page of Dr. Richard L. Lipman M.D.

Dr Richard L Lipman md has 3 active pages on where his patients can follow the newest posts about his Miami Diet Plan, The Keto Diet and the 800 Calorie HCG Diet

Dr. Lipman has 3 pages where he interacts with his followers on General Weight Loss and Endocrinology Subjects, The Miami Diet Plan and the 800 Calorie HCG Diet Plan. He has 684 followers and 673 likes.

Pinterest Views and Posts of Dr Richard Lipman M.D.

Pinterest posts and views of Dr Richard Lipman MD

Dr Lipman’s Pinterest Posts are viewed by more than 63,000 visitors a month. See many of Dr Lipman’s food menus and weight loss protocols and what patients are reporting.

Awards and Certificates  for Dr. Richard Lipman M.D.

Phi Beta Kappa Membership of Dr, Richard Lipman MD
Phi Beta Kappa is a national honor society founded in 1776, 17 U.S. Presidents , 40 U.S. Supreme Court Justices , and more than 130 Nobel Laureates have been inducted as members—as well as countless authors, diplomats, athletes, researchers, actors, and business leaders. Only 1 in 100 college graduates from across the country are invited to become members. Dr Lipman has been a member of the XI Chapter of the University of Pittsburgh since 1964!

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Alpha Omega Alpha Membership of Dr. Richard Lipman MD

AOA is the  honor medical society recognizing, advocating for, and inspiring physicians in the care of patients and promotion of health. Members may be elected throughout their career and epitomize professionalism, leadership, academic and clinical excellence, research, community service, and “being worthy to serve the suffering.” Dr. Lipman was inducted into the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Gamma Chapter(Pennsylvania) in 1966. His member # is 0071300.

Charter Member American Society of Clinical Endocrinologists  

Dr Richard Lipman MD is a charter member of American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists is an international  community of physicians specializing in endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism committed to enhancing the ability of its members to provide the highest quality of patient care. Founded in 1971, Dr Lipman is a charter member since 1992.

American Board of Internal Medicine: Certification of Dr Richard Lipman M.D.

Dr. Richard Lipman MD is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM).  This means that Dr Lipman has chosen to achieve expertise in a medical practice of internal medicine by meeting  the profession-driven standards and requirements of  ABIM. It is a highly visible, accepted standard that the physicians’ knowledge, skills, training and quality of care follows the accepted standards. It  emphasizes ongoing professional development and assessment.  The ABIM  specialty certification system helps to identify excellence and commitment to professionalism, and continuous performance assessment and improvement thru continuous  medical educational requirements. Anyone can visit to find out for free the Board Certification status of physicians and to see if they are meeting the ongoing  educational requirements .  Dr Lipman’s certificate is at

American board of internal medicine Dr Richard Lipman MD certification

American Society of Internal Medicine: Dr Richard L. Lipman M.D. – Certified

American Society of Internal Medicine certifies training and practice of Dr Richard L. Lipman MD