Measuring Ketosis in HCG Diet with Breathalyze

800 Calorie HCG Diet vs Keto Diet: Mechanisms of Ketosis

The 800 calorie HCG diet is remarkably similar in metabolism to the popular Keto Diet.  The big differences are the few fruits and restricted calories and fats in the HCG diet as compared to the Keto diet.  Both diets offer a fast and safe weight loss plan. They are based on the concept that reducing carbs forces the body to use stored fat as fuel. In the HCG diet, the HCG hormone helps the mobilization of fat from the abdomen. This permits a 2 very low sugar fruits a day in the HCG diet and eliminates the need for high fat. The total net carbs in the HCG diet is 40-50 grams per day.  In the Keto diet, the marked reduction of carbs to 20-25 grams per day and the introduction of large amounts of fat produces the ketosis. In both diets the fat is mobilized from fat stores, especially around the belly and sent to the liver where its converted into ketone bodies and acetone. Ketones can be measured in the urine using keto stix. Recently, small portable Ketone Breathalyzers have been developed to check for acetone- a direct byproduct of fat burning in the breath. Both the 800 calorie HCG diet and the Ketone Diet share the same metabolic mechanisms and can use some of these new fat burning monitors.   The

The diagram below shows you the mechanism of ketosis and how to monitor the process. Note the fat being mobilized from the abdomen.

Ketosis mechansims in HCG and Keto Diet Measuring Ketosis in the 800 Calorie HCG Diet





A small portable KETONE BREATHALYZER  that uses a breath-based method to measure ketone levels costing less than $12.00 can tell you your fat-burning status in 10 seconds!  Imagine that all you must do to measure ketones is press a button, blow into a device for 10 seconds, you instantly have your ketone levels shown. Ketone Breathalyzer does exactly that! With this small ketone breath meter, you can have your occasional cheat meal and still have the peace of mind of knowing what your ketone levels are, or adjust your diet to make sure you’re staying in ketosis. Measuring ketones via breathalyzer is the fastest and most accurate way to determine the degree of ketosis. The presence of ketosis tells you immediately if you are eating too many carbs.    The major benefit of this ketone breath meter is the practicality of breath ketone levels as it can be assessed frequently with no invasive procedures helping individuals maximize their weight loss!


Ketone breathanalyzer measures fat burning in the HCG diet

Other Techniques to Measure Ketosis and Fat Burning

New Methods to Measure Ketosis

Dr. Richard Lipman, M.D.

Richard Lipman MD is a endocrinologist and board certified internist who has treated more than 10,000 overweight patients in his Miami office with his new 800 calorie HCG diet for the past 10 years in Miami, Fl

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