Insomnia is Among Top the  3 Cause of Weight Gain

Weight gain from Insomnia  is one of the top 3 causes of weight gain. Do you know why you need a good night’s sleep to really lose weight? An unbalanced sleep pattern can have a very detrimental effect on your weight. Whether it’s too little or too much sleep you will suffer for it, unless you make some changes.

Sleep and Weight Loss

Trying To Lose Weight in the HCG Diet Without Enough Sleep

People who don’t sleep well at night usually eat more and put on extra pounds. These were the findings of brand new research led by the University of Colorado Boulder. Researchers learned that participants who only slept 5 hours nightly during a workweek gain more weight if they had more than enough food. The researchers wrote that there is a good amount of evidence that proves a lack of sleep will cause obesity, but we know a small amount about how repeated nights of insufficient sleep affect energy balance. An often overlooked cause of poor sleep is excessive alcohol drinking, especially in the evening.

Kenneth Wright, director of the Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU-Boulder), says in a statement:

Just getting less sleep, by itself, is not going to lead to weight gain. But when people get insufficient sleep, it leads them to eat more than they actually need.

Less Sleep More Appetite

The Feeling of Being Constantly Tired Will Naturally Lower Your Energy Level

Most people would resort to more eating and snacking to boost their energy levels. Eating more food will cause your weight to increase. The digestion of food will burn up some more energy, which leads to a vicious cycle of feeling tired and constant eating. Tiredness has other effects on how efficiently your body functions. An inefficient body will start to store more fat and therefore gain more weight.
You should try to get a sufficient amount of sleep and at regular times. Falling into a healthy sleep pattern can help boost your energy levels and reduce the dependence on extra food to make up for a lack of energy. This action alone can have a positive effect on your weight, without even going on any special diet.

Sleep Hormones

Eating Habits Are Effect When Sleep Patterns Change

For some people, it might be difficult to regulate their sleep. If you are a shift worker it can be especially challenging. You face not just a potential lack of sleep, but also a big variance in the time of day that you go to sleep. This will affect your eating habits as well as your digestion. So there will be some circumstances where you can’t fully control your sleep pattern.

Drinking More Water Will Help If You Do Not Get Enough Sleep

You can somewhat counter the negative effects of drinking more water throughout the day to energize yourself and feel less hungry. Water has of course zero calories and won’t increase your weight. Remember that the long-term lack of sleep will result in excess storage of body fat. Try your best to get some regular rest at reasonable hours, to maintain your good health and not put on more weight.

Too Much Sleep Also Slows Metabolism

Sleeping very long hours will also badly affect your health and weight. In fact, too much sleep can leave you with the same feeling of tiredness and drowsiness as too little sleep. Sleeping too much will also mean you’re less likely to find enough time to exercise during the day. Not to mention the impact it has on overall life expectancy. If you are still having problems with sleeping, you should talk to your doctor to get some specific advice based on your situation. Sleep is just one example of how your day-to-day activities are important to your weight loss plans. Your type of work, amount of exercise and general outlook all have long-term effects on your weight and health.

In the end, it all comes down to your lifestyle and how you change it.

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