10 Side Effect from HCG Diet: Minimal Side Effects from HCG Hormone- Side Effects are from Very Low Carb Diet

1. Fatigue and lightheartedness (usually late afternoon)–low blood sugar reaction
2. Leg Cramps--usually from lack of potassium in diet
3. Breast Tenderness (in women)--very rare, from HCG hormone
4.  Hunger–rare, usually in beginning, from food change
5.  Muscle Ache: from food change
6. Hair Loss–rare, usually from forget to add vitamins
7. Constipation (due to lack of bulk to pass through bowel)–due to food reduction, lack of fats
8. Gallstones- common with any diet–related to calorie restriction
9. Irritability (lack of eating ) –often due to too much carb restriction
10.Lack of patience–low blood sugar

While HCG drops can cause certain side effects such as breast tenderness and leg cramps, most of the side effects are from the food changes rather than the actual hormone. Most 800 calorie HCG dieters consume less than 40 net carbs a day.

People who have undergone treatment know firsthand, and if you ask them whether HCG drops have a harmful effect on your body, the answer will be no.

 Low Calories and low Carbs are Cause of Mild Side Effects in  of 800 Calorie HCG Diet

The HCG diet is extremely low in calories, which can cause one to experience headaches, leg cramps and mood swings, along with food cravings. Without HCG drops, the side effects can be worse. The decrease in calories can cause the body’s metabolism to switch into starvation mode, wherein the body starts using the proteins in our muscles to create energy (not good!). Side effects of HCG Diet

The dieter can also experience episodes of low blood sugar, as are often felt by diabetics. This is where the HCG drops come into the picture. HCG drops stop this process by increasing your metabolism, which will ensure the body gets enough calories when it needs them. Therefore, the side effects caused by calorie reduction and the food cravings one usually feels at the beginning of a low-calorie diet gradually disappear.

Is HCG Diet Safe for Men?

HCG can be used in men and women with equal safety and effectiveness. Men do not gain any female characteristics since HCG is only a pregnancy hormone protecting the baby – it has nothing to do with menstruation, breast or hair development. In fact, men lose weight much faster on HCG than women!  See great results of HCG in a man.

Men Lose Belly Fat on HCG Diet Drops

Some men fear they will start developing enlarged breasts on HCG. This is a total misconception; nothing like this has ever happened in real life. In fact, there are many cases where the opposite has happened – men have seen a reduction in fat deposits in the upper chest and breast areas.

Men and Women Same Side Effects on HCG

Women and men both experience the same HCG side effects when they start the diet with HCG drops. Usually, these are very mild and occur during the first few weeks of the diet. The food cravings experienced by women are also experienced by men. However, such cravings effects disappear for both genders once the diet progresses and the hormones begin to take effect. See a testimonial about HCG and cravings.


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