HCG Hormone Drops: How to Get Motivated To Begin Your HCG Diet

HCG hormone drops offer fast and safe weight loss. How does a person get motivated if they are not in the mood to do so? Here is advice on how to accomplish this.

Motivation in humans is all in the brain. It is mental. Our brains function as a computer. If the computer is not fed properly and taken care of, it becomes sick. Eventually, the computer dies. This is why a computer, just like our car, has to have routine checkups and maintenance to fix stuff. Use this same concept of why your body is the way it is.

MotivationAre you taking care of the brain and the body? Has it become sick, dull, and lifeless? There is absolutely no desire to get up and move and enjoy life? Brain cells actually do die. If they remain healthy, a body is full of life and mentally can focus. One example is depression. The mind and body acts as a one unit to function properly. One wrong thing can cause the whole system to shut down.

The main reasons people cannot lose weight.

They are depressed that nothing works. Everything they try, fails. The reason is the person is not listening to their body. Their body is always talking in its own way of what is going on. Start listening and things will change. It is all up to the person!

The first step is to change the brain function and give it brain exercises. The brain is just lying there while the person watches TV. What are they learning and doing to get motivated? Help the brain by getting up off the couch. Go for that nightly walk around the block. Your brain starts functioning properly because again it is one unit. Your body is responding to the commands of the brain.

The same goes when a person does one daily crossword puzzle. Their brain is being challenged. Believe it or not, it restores mentality. It makes them more focused. This helps with losing weight. The brain is changing back to a normal balance because the person is charging the battery that runs the body. Depression is fading and things become clearer to them. This is mental sharpness.

Take this mental sharpness and look around life. See what you have been missing! Losing weight will give a person their life back one tiny step at a time. A person would be amazed at getting normal energy back one tiny step at a time. Without motivation, a person will always fail. No matter what is going on around the person, they cannot give up. No matter how hard it is.

Why the First 3 Days of Any Diet are the Hardest and Most Important

Going on a diet is never easy and keeping yourself motivated to carry on is a huge challenge. But people have done it and were well rewarded for their efforts. It is understandable that first few days of any diet plan despite being toughest are also very important for achieving the desired results. The importance of this period cannot be undermined either; in the initial days you will be able to identify glitches and problems easily.

Similarly, when you abandon your normal diet and switch to a diet plan your body has to adapt itself and thus you experience certain abnormalities which are normal.

We are mostly in love with ‘junk’ food and healthy foods are like aliens to us. The diet plan feels to your human body like an invasion from outer space. Your digestive system is used to working on regular food and suddenly it is faced with high fiber diets so it needs time to adapt. As a result you experience upset stomach or feel queasy. This is temporary and you only have to bear with it for 3 or 4 days.

In initial days it is an established fact that we lose mostly water weight. Nearly all diet plans emphasize the need to increase your water intake, therefore the natural result is more frequent visits to the restroom. Once your bladder gets used to this consumption pattern, it stops your need to urinate at frequent intervals.

It is possible that you feel a little low on energy in the first 3 days due to reduction in your sugar intake. You may experience slight headaches or get cranky; after all who won’t if asked to stop eating the food that they love. Remember the famous quote ‘no pain no gain’ so don’t give up and remain persistent.

The first few days of a diet are extremely important so be observant regarding the changes you are experiencing. It helps to shape up your diet plan for the future. There are psychological factors too; you may feel depressed and your urge to eat ice cream or any other sweet that you are fond of may enhance. Call my office, we will help you through these bad times. . It is also possible that you have other medical issues unknown to yourself; therefore keep a journal and make notes of how your body is reacting to the new diet plan.

First Step

The best part of the whole decision is the knowledge that the HCG diet is very easy and very fast. You will notice changes in you clothes in a few days! By the end of the first week your friends and family will see the weight loss and give you even more encouragement. Losing weight quickly is the best motivator to finish the weight loss.

Change your attitude the right way to motivate yourself. Take care of your brain. Take care of your body. You will be healthy once again. It can be done. Start today!


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