Are HCG Diet Drops As Effective as HCG Injections? — Yes

  • The HCG diet drops are easy to travel with. The do not require refrigeration, no need to carry around needles, or alcohol pads.
  • HCG diet drops require no mixing. Many people do not know how to mix HCG and especially to keep the preparation sterile. HCG drops are made with alcohol and water bacterostatic water. These solutions act as preservatives and keep the HCG effective.
  • The HCG has an expiration date 4 months if kept in the refrigerator–longer than the injections. Loss of sterility over time is not as important with drops as it might be with injections
  • Some participants report more energy and less hunger on the HCG diet drops than with the HCG hormone injections.

I have seen the same weight loss results and lack of hunger  when the HCG diet is given  with the  HCG drops as compared to the  HCG hormone injections. I have prescribed both to many patients. Many of my patients who have done both drops and injects  have reported less hunger and more energy on the HCG diet drops than on the HCG hormone injections. Other reasons as to why I switched from HCG hormone injections to the HCG diet drops are:

Look at some of the excellent results I have found with oral, sublingual HCG.

I recently reviewed more than 400 patients I have treated over the past year on HCG. 3/4 of the patients took the HCG orally, while 1/4 decided to use the drops. At the end of 3 months, the weight loss between the two groups was almost identical. I could find no difference between those that took the drops as compared to the injections as regards average weight loss, hunger or cravings.

One reason may be that dieters that used drops took more than three times the dose that those that took injections. This was done to prevent problems with poor absorption orally.

Dr Lipman’s Personal Observations of HCG Drops vs. Injections

Recently in preparation for my book Restaurants and Recipes on the HCG Diet, I followed the HCG diet for 2 weeks. During week 1 used the injections and during week 2 I used the drops. I found no difference in weight loss between the drops or the injections and no difference in hunger.

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