HCG Drops Have Many Benefits Beyond Weight Loss

HCG diet drops have many benefits for everyone that are often not appreciated. For some individuals with specific problems the HCG drops have great benefits. Women, especially those in menopause and everyone over the age of 60 who normally suffer a slow metabolism benefit from the increased metabolism of a low carb diet and the HCG diet drops.Individuals with metabolic syndrome (a combination of high cholesterol, high fats, and high blood pressure) do well on the HCG diet drops.

People with diabetes taking medications do very well on the HCG diet as do those with a low thyroid function or those taking anti-depressants. Read more about these benefits:

HCG Diet Lowers Your Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Fats in Your Blood Improving Metabolic Syndrome

HCG diet drops and the 800 calorie HCG diet is very effective for reversing the abnormalities of the metabolic syndrome: high blood pressure, high lipids, high cholesterol and weight around the belly.

A weight loss diet is recommended as the first line of response to high cholesterol and high blood sugar. Cholesterol is found in the lipids (which are the fats) of the blood stream and cells of the body. It is a soft, waxy substance which helps to form cell membranes and some hormones, and performs other functions necessary in a healthy body. Too much cholesterol, especially combined with belly fat and high blood pressure causes strokes, heart attacks and even cancer: This combinations of abnormalities are called Metabolic Syndrome:

Metabolic Syndrome

LDL (“bad” cholesterol) is the major cholesterol carrier in the blood. Too much LDL circulating can gradually build up artery causing plaque in the walls of the arteries feeding the heart and brain. A clot forming near this plaque can block the blood flow to part of the brain, causing a stroke or to part of the heart muscle causing a heart attack. A Cholesterol lowering diet aims to balance LDL and HDL cholesterol to reduce the risks. Increasing the fiber in your diet and lowering the fat is key. There are certain foods which you need to include in any cholesterol lowering diet.

Normal total cholesterol should be less than 200, while LDL–the bad cholesterol should be less than 100 and HDL–the good cholesterol as high as possible. Values above 60 are good.

Dieters following the HCG diet notice a marked droop in their blood sugar (for diabetics) as well as a moderate drop in blood cholesterol. This effect is the result of the weight loss as well as the marked reduction in fat consumption. Some researchers also think it may be due to the reduction in sugar.

Omega-3 fatty acids found in most fish help the heart in many ways such as reducing blood pressure and the risk of blood clots. If you have already had one or more heart attacks, fish oil — or omega-3 fatty acids — significantly reduces the risk of sudden death. You should have two servings of baked or grilled fish a week.

When you are going to use fat, always opt for olive oil first. Olive oil contains a mix of antioxidants which lower your “bad” cholesterol and leave your “good” cholesterol untouched.

Improvements With HCG Weight Loss

More Hidden Benefits of HCG Diet Drops for Everyone

Selective Fat Deposit Loss: There are many hidden benefits of the HCG diet drops for everyone. The HCG diet has long been known for its rapid weight loss which has been associated with a quick reduction in the fat deposits especially around those hard to reach places—the belly, the thighs and on the buttocks. Less effect are the fat around the lower thighs, the neck and the breasts in women. The reason for this selective fat loss is really unknown. Some people believe it’s the central obesity that is the last to be accumulated so it’s the first to go. Part of this rapid weight loss is due to the food reduction and part to the action of the HCG hormone on the fat deposits directly.

Appetite is Reduced by the Effect of HCG on the Brain: There is a second effect of the HCG on the central appetite centers in the brain. Researchers believe that HCG can directly influence appetite centers in the brain located in the hypothalamus. These centers are influenced by serotonin and other neurotransmitters as well as by numerous other hormones and proteins. Emotions also can influence these centers that control how often and how much we eat.

HCG Drops Increase Energy: Most weight loss plans are associated with fatigue and loss of energy. This may be due to the lack food or reduction in sugar. The HCG is quite the opposite. Almost all of the HCG patients notice improved energy and feelings of well being. They seem to have boundless energy and no feelings of low blood sugar despite the marked reduction of sugar in their diet. This may be due to the high levels of protein that are part of the HCG diet.

High Levels of Protein in the HCG Diet Increases Stamina: In my 800 calorie HCG diet, the dieters have protein at each meal, including egg whites, or whole eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese or no fat cheese at breakfast, chicken, low fat beef or fish at lunch and low fat beef, chicken and fish at dinner. Added to this are low fat, zero sugar high protein shakes and bars for snacks in the mid morning and the late afternoon. Perhaps, this constant protein is prevents rapid changes in blood sugar.

HCG Diet Drops Are Associated with Improvement in Blood Sugar in Diabetics: Along with the rapid weight reduction, is the well know drop in blood sugar seen in diabetics. The HCG diet is ideal for diabetics not only because of the rapid weight loss because it obviously contains no sugar. Most diabetics I have seen need to rapidly change their diabetic treatment, especially reduce their insulin levels.

HCG Causes Drop in Blood Pressure if Elevated: There is also a rapid reduction in blood pressure in people that have high blood pressure as well. Most people I see by the time the diet is finished need to take less blood pressure pills.

HCG Weight Loss Lessens Pain in Joints: Arthritis is another complication of obesity that is effected by the rapid weight reduction. Most people who lose weight rapidly report less pain in their back, knees and hips. They require less medication for their arthritis. It is estimated that each lb. of weight adds 40 lbs. of pressure on each knee and 100 lbs of pressure on the back. One of the treatments for herniated lumbar discs is, in fact, weight loss.

HCG Lower Blood Lipids (fats) and Fat Around the Body

Most people are more focused on dropping the number on the scale and aren’t looking at losing fat, which is probable what they want. Trying to lose weight usually implies trying to lose excess fat but there is a distinction to be made because tissues such as muscles actually weight more than an equal volume of fat. Therefore it is possible to stay the same weight or even gain weight but lose fat. Since carrying excess fat is what causes most of the unhealthy side effects of being heavy, it is more important to focus on the total reduction of fat or fat loss, more than weight loss.

Problems with the Concept of Weight Loss

Weighing yourself and trying to drop your total weight is important when you are obese, but once you get into a healthier range you may notice that you are not losing weight but losing fat. Keeping an eye on your weight may be a way that you can regulate your health but there are a couple of big flaws to this method. First your body weight fluctuates up to 10 lbs. in a day due to digestion, water regulation and other bodily functions. This swing would likely have no impact on the amount of fat that you are carrying and therefore wouldn’t matter too much in the long run. Another problem has to do with the body mass index (BMI) scale which just takes the height and weight of the person without consideration of the body fat. This means that a body builder and someone that is obese will have the same BMI.

Focusing on Fat Loss

By changing your focus from weight loss to fat loss you will be going down a much healthier route. Sometimes when people are focused on weight loss they can end up doing harm by reducing their water weight, or losing muscle and bone weight which is necessary for a strong healthy body. By taking weekly body fat measurements you can focus on fat loss and the nutrition and exercise that is required to make this a reality.

Fat loss is what you should focus on if you are trying to feel great and look better in the mirror. Weight loss can be beneficial if you are obese and need to lose a ton of fat but it is usually better to track the fat loss instead. Starting small and staying consistent will give you the best results on this journey.

Benefits of Weight Loss with HCG Occur Quickly: You can expect to see he first improvements in these metabolic abnormalities after losing only 20 lbs. They continue to multiply through the weight loss as the symptoms get better and better. When the weight loss reaches 10 to 20% most of the metabolic abnormalities are gone.

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