Veggie products from cauliflower and zucchini can substitue for rice, pasta, pottoesHow Diabetics Can Do Well on the 800 Calorie HCG Diet for 2022:

Diabetics do well on the  HCG Diet because they are not only low in absorb able carbs, they are low calorie with easy portion control. Adding low fat products  also
helps dieters struggling non only with their blood sugar but also with their weight and often cholesterol:

1. Low Carb/Low Fat/High Protein HCG Foods are really Diabetic Foods:  800 calorie HCG diet consists of low carb- low fat foods and drinks suitable for diabetics. In fact, Dr. Lipman has “borrowed” many food products originally made for diabetics for the HCG diet. All of the foods are classified as “good carbs”  Examples of such include Extend, Atkins, Quest, One,  Bars and shakes and Dannon and Too Good low carb yogurt. Veggie Cabs such as rice cauliflower and zucchini pasta are great products for diabetics trying to control blood sugar and are used extensively in the HCG diet. The total daily carbs are less then 35 grams per day with equally low fat grams as well.  The combination of low carbs, low calories and high protein encourages fast and easy weight loss in diabetics–even those requiring insulin or oral medications. 

2. Food portions are limited in the HCG diet to encourage weight loss–helpful for diabetics especially on medications who have difficulty with weight control.

3. HCG hormone increases metabolism and fat burning. – helps diabetics with suppressed metabolism especially when taking diabetic medication.  In addition, insulin & other diabetic medication are known to  promote fat storage. which is reversed by HCG.

4. HCG Hormone is “natural” and does not interfere with any medication including insulin.


HCG Friendly Foods for diabetics on the 800 Calorie HCG Diet Have these attributes:

                                                        1. Low in  calories
                                                        2. 2-3 grams of sugar per portion or less
                                                        3. 3 grams of fat per portion or less
                                                        4. High protein, if possible 
                                                        5. Easy portion control.
The HCG Diet has been around for more than 50 years. Dr. Simeon’s in his book, Pounds and Inches, first described the diet. His version consisted of mostly protein and vegetables and a few fruits. There were almost no prepared products for diabetics in the 1950’s. Diet products have changed in the past 55 years especially since 2004 when the low carb craze exploded with new ultra-low carb products for diabetics and more recently for the Keto Diet and those desiring to lose weight on a low carb diet.

Endocrinologist and internist, Dr. Lipman has treated diabetes for more than 40 years in his office in Miami, Fl. When the oral version of HCG became available he offered it to diabetics. They lost weight safely and had dramatic falls in their blood sugar. Why? Because his 800 Calorie  HCG Food protocol is the original Dr. Simeons’ protocol with added products, many made for diabetics– -all zero or nearly zero sugar and fat are ideal for the HCG diet and for diabetics. The result is weight loss and better control of diabetes. The Food protocol is basically a very low sugar diet. Added on top of that is a very low-fat diet.

Numerous food products have been produced for diabetics and used safely in the past 15 years. The newest ones, ideal for diabetics because of low calories and carbs include rice, pasta, and potatoes made from cauliflower, zucchini, and tofu. There are also many new zero or almost zero carb  recipes to add variety to diabetics than need to reduce their high calorie, high carb products. 

  Adding New Foods to the HCG Plan for Diabetics:

 One of the criticisms of the HCG diet has been the boredom, the need to do considerable food preparation and the failure to include many new products. Remember, Dr. Simeons, invented the diet in 1953!  That was a long time ago.  Many new products we have today were not present then. 
My daily food plans contain many foods and products not in the usual diet. I found these foods by speaking to my patients on the HCG diet, monitoring their hunger while they make the changes. 

new Diabetic Products 3  New Foods My Patients are Currently Adding to the HCG Diet
that are ideal for diabetics seeking to lose weight and control
blood glucose

My HCG food plan is constantly changing as my patients discover new foods and products, check their ketones and follow their weight. New foods will be posted on my home page as they are evaluated. 
The criteria for selection of these foods are based on calories, carbs fat, and protein. Ease of portion control is also considered.Halo top new Ice cream for HCG diet
As new foods and products are developed we try them on the 800 calorie HCG diet. We have recently added ice cream from Halo Top and Vegetable Rice and pasta made from cauliflower and zucchini..

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