Most Important 10 Mistakes on HCG Diet for 2022

10 mistakes on HCG diet almost always involve food/drinks. In some dieters, alcohol drinking on HCG diet  also plays a significant role. Especially beer and any alcohol drink with sugar mixers. The HCG diet is very sensitive too sugar especially in alcohol.  Small variances can mean no or less then desirable weight loss. If you are going to do the HCG diet be aware of the top ten mistakes that people either consciously or unconsciously sometimes overlook that keeps them from losing as much weight on phase two of the HCG diet. Often the mistakes are similar to those that people make on any weight loss plan.
Good vs. Bad Carbs

1. Not sticking to the 800 calories or serving sizes. Protein is 4 oz. raw or 3 & 1/2 oz cooked. American beef is noted as significantly more fatty than the beef  so be careful with portion. Chicken and fish are always better choices. Foods with higher sugars often creep into the food menus. If in doubt, look at the food label. Sugars should be less than 4 grams per portion. 

2. Not drinking enough water. You should set as your goal to drink at least a quart of water a day. 

3. Eating beef that is too fatty. American Beef is very fatty. We suggest using very lean cuts such as London Broil or Round Steak. Even extra lean hamburger can be to fatty- have the butcher cut the fat off a lean steak and have it ground into hamburger meat. Chicken and fish are always better choices.
4.10 mistakes in the HCG diet also includes not food mistakes. Cooking with oil or applying anything with oil to your body. This is a very sensitive diet. Your body is in a fat burning mode. Your body will pull the oil right through your skin or use the oil from your food instead of pulling it from your fat reserves. There are a lot of alternatives that can be used but do not use anything with oil on phase two. If you need oil for cooking or on salads you a spray like
PAM or Bertoli Oil Spray.
5. Getting sugar in your drinks, seasonings, salad dressings “and sauces. etc. Sugar is in everything. Check out our sugar list and learn the many names of sugar. Start reading labels, especially on your seasonings. Watch out for words: “No sugar Added,” or “Low Sugar when there is sugar. Total net carbs for the day in the HCGdiet should be 35-40 grams or less. .
 Sports Drinks & Soda are Loaded with Sugar
 6. Making mistakes in restaurants: Many of the 10 mistakes on the HCG diet can be done when eating out.  Watch for the preparation of the food and most important the sauces. These are very subtle mistakes.
7. Taking too many  “breaks.”  Its acceptable to take a break after a couple of weeks, but not each weekend! Insidiously, weekend blowouts keep you feeling deprived psychologically”, says Sarah Flower, author of The Healthy Lifestyle Diet Cookbook. ‘People liken the fun and relaxation of weekends to unhealthy eating,’ says Flower.‘They equate their working week with dieting and deprivation, which locks them in the mindset of “good” or “bad” eating. If you feel compelled to overeat every weekend, it suggests the way you’re eating most of the time isn’t satisfying you,’ says Dr Briffa.
‘You’re waiting for the weekend when you can enjoy your diet. But the healthy eating should be making you feel better, not be your penance.
’8. Add  “Healthy looking foods”  in large quantities like seeds, nuts, olive oil, canola oil. “Hummus, pistachios, and peanuts contain healthy fats but come with masses of calories and often fail the ‘eat just one’ test. Such foods can act as triggers for those with a tendency to overeat. ‘It’s possible to overeat a healthy diet and as a result not lose weight – or even gain it,’ says Dr Briffa.” ‘Being “healthy” doesn’t give people carte blanche to completely ignore calories.’ Healthy looking foods often are the cause of many slowdowns and plateaus.
9. Eating vegetables and fruits from cans rather than fresh. All kinds of additives can be added to the canned product, especially sugar to canned fruit. The sugar can come in many forms, often hard to recognize.
10 Failure to read the food label: Its almost impossible to do the HCG diet with out rely on some prepared products. If so be sure to read the food label looking for calories, fat, carbs, sugar and protein.

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