HCG and cancer- no increased risk of many cancers, especially breast cancer. Quite the contrary–a recent research study in Philadelphia suggests it may be prevented by this hormone. Here is some of the early evidence that led researchers to the conclusion that breast cancer in women may be prevented by the pregnancy hormone HCG.

It was found that the growth of cancer cells in animals can be stopped by HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which activates tumor suppressor genes and brought about genetic changes which denoted the anticancer effect. Researchers aim at using HCG, a non-toxic substance, as a replacement for tamoxifen to reduce the chances of breast cancer in women. Thus breast cancer can even be reduced with HCG.

The risk of breast cancer can be reduced by early pregnancy

Pregnancy at the early age of 20 can reduce the risk of breast cancer by half in women.

One of the researchers, Russo, said that over the years it was found out that having children at a young age directly reduced the risk of breast cancer in women. She also added that while conducting experiments on rats, they found out that those rats which were given cancer causing drugs after pregnancy did not develop tumors. Whereas young virgin rats those were given cancer-causing drugs developed breast cancer during puberty.

She even stated that they wanted to control and eradicate breast cancer at the early periods of puberty, as the risks are high at this stage when the ovaries start to function and the breasts begin to develop.

Furthermore, she said that they knew pregnancy plays a major role in reducing breast cancer, but they were not sure if they could do it with hormones.

Breast cancer in rats can be prevented with a hormone

An experiment was conducted where virginal & pregnant rats were used. A cancer causing agent that generated breast tumors was given to rats who had just reached their puberty level. Then the same rats were given HCG supplements or a mixture of estrogen & progestin hormones.

This research was presented at the annual meeting of Association for Cancer Research by Russo and her colleagues. Cell division in rats had decreased considerably after they were induced with HCG.

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