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HCG Diet Eliminates Bad Carbs Causing Hunger

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 "Bad" Carbs Cause Hunger & Turn to Fat HCG diet eliminates bad carbs causing hunger and weight gain. Sugars and foods turning to sugar not only  cause hunger, but they also injure blood vessels, the retina of the eye, as well as the nerves in our arms and legs. Not only do the "bad carbs"... more »
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How Carbs Stop Weight Loss in Keto and HCG Diets

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How Carbs Stop Weight Loss in Keto and HCG Diets Carbs stop weight loss in Keto and HCG diets by effecting hunger, cravings, appetite and by stopping ketosis and fat burning. -Our bodies react badly to high levels of blood sugar. High levels of blood sugar injure blood vessels, the retina of the... more »
Modified 800 Calorie HCG-Like Diet for Older Teens

Modified 800 Calorie HCG-Like Diet for Older Teens

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This weight loss plan is designed for teens from age 13 to 17 years of age. After 17, for the most part they are mature and would follow an adult program. Typical adult diet programs do not work for teens because they are growing and need food from all the different groups. The reduction in carbs... more »
Low Calorie Weight Loss and Low Blood Sugar

Why Do I Need HCG on Very Low Carb Diets?

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Why do I Need HCG? on Low Carb Diets: can't I just reduce my calories? Very low carbohydrate diets without HCG are difficult to do because of many problems. Here are some of the difficulties low carb dieters experience: Constant Hunger Being cold Fatigued and sleepy all day Metabolism... more »
Real HCG Diet Drops for men

HCG Drops: Effective for Men–Safe with Few Side Effects

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 HCG Diet drops Same Effectiveness, Saftey & Lack of Side Effects in Men as Women HCG  drops safe and effective for men. Similar to what has be observed in women there are minimal to no significant side effects. . Studies over the past 10 years reveal more weight loss, fewer side effects and... more »
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HCG and Cancer: No Increase Risk

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HCG and cancer- no increased risk of many cancers, especially breast cancer. Quite the contrary--a recent research study in Philadelphia suggests it may be prevented by this hormone. Here is some of the early evidence that led researchers to the conclusion that breast cancer in women may be... more »
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Real HCG: Fast Weight Loss for Women

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REAl HCG--either in drops or injections occurs during pregnancy. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is produced naturally in the body, which uses the fat stores for nourishment of fetus. When a woman isn’t pregnant, HCG is used for burning the obstinate fat into energy and thus lose weight. A... more »
Sports & Health Drinks Cause Weight Gain

Sports & Health Drinks Cause Weight Gain

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Sports & Health Drinks  Cause Weight Gain due to High sugar   Untold millions of Americans report they drink these sports and health drinks for several reasons including improved immunity from illnesses, "better well being," "energy" and simply because they believe they are supplementing... more »