HCG Diet and Short Slow Downs: What to Do

Perhaps one of the main reasons why people give up on a diet is because they completely lose motivation for weight loss. This invariably down to the fact that they notice the weight falling off for a considerable period of time, and then it just stops dead in its tracks for a couple of days. The same happens whether you are following the HCG diet or something else. In this article I want to discuss a little with you about how you can stop yourself getting discouraged if things don’t quite go your right way.

Everyone Gets Discouraged: it happens to everybody out there. In fact, every single person out there who has lost weight has had days where they don’t lose any at all, or worse, put it some weight on. I think this is going to be an absolutely fantastic way to stop you being discouraged. After all, the sooner you realize that you are going through exactly the same as what everybody else has done, then you will hopefully not lose motivation.

In the picture below look at the plateaus and slow downs that normally occurr. The individual in the blue graph did not lose weight for a week or more, then suddenly the weight dropped off. Even the man represented by the red line had short “slow downs”.

Weight Loss on the HCG Diet

You May Have a Plateau: If you’re following the HCG diet then there is one thing you need to know about it. The way in which HCG works is that you will be experiencing high amounts of weight loss for a while. However, it will eventually start to level itself out. Many people worry about this, but you don’t really need to do that. With the HCG you will be experiencing HCG drops for a considerable period of time, and eventually it will stop for a couple of days. This is always happen within the diet, so don’t be discouraged about stopping for a couple of days.

Look Back At What You Have Achieved: Perhaps one of the best tips I can offer you, whether following the HCG or another diet is to look at what you have already lost. Throughout your diet, keep records of the weight you have been and constantly work towards your goals. The days in which you don’t see the weight fall off is when you should reflect on everything that you have achieved so far. This should give you the encouragement to continue to work towards your main goals. Remember, if you are following a diet you will lose weight, just not all of the time. Continue to follow it and you will reach the goals that you have set yourself.

Stop Getting on a Scale: I also never suggest that you weight yourself every single day. Yes, the HCG drops are going to consistent, but they won’t be so huge that weighing yourself every single day will make a difference. Instead, set a couple of days a week to look at the amount of weight you have lost. That way you will hopefully be ‘skipping’ those days where you haven’t lost much at all, which should hopefully help you out!

Get Some Encouragement from a Family Member: Since everyone is different, you will have to figure out what will inspire you to take off a few, or more than a few pounds. Some find the push comes from other people, often family members. For others, it may be an upcoming event or activity, or maybe even the desire to make a fresh start. Still others are self-motivated.

Set Short Term Goals-Pick a Personal Event, Holiday, Vacation, Birthday: For instance, you know that summer vacation is approaching, or you are planning a winter getaway to somewhere warm and sunny, you can turn this into a great reason to lose some weight. It could be that you’ve received an invitation to a wedding or a class re-union. You know you will want to look your best when you’re likely to run into family or friends you haven’t seen in awhile.

If you are getting together with family or friends in a month, make a big effort to reach you short term goal. Anyone can do just about anything for a month. Then promise yourself that it’s going to be yours when you reach your target weight. Just make sure the weight you are aiming for is reachable in a reasonable length of time so you don’t get discouraged and give up.

Pick Out a New Outfit: Another useful incentive to lose weight is along the same lines. It’s a new season and all the latest styles are on display. Maybe it’s a good time to pick out a new outfit that you absolutely love, in your wannabe size. If the outfit is pricey, all the better.Take it home and hang it where you can see it every day and picture how great you’ll look in it. Don’t hide it in the back of your closet where you can put it out of your mind. Knowing how much you want to wear it and how much you paid for it can be strong reasons to keep dieting.

Maybe Your Child Has Gained a Few Pounds or You Can Not Keep Up with Them: Maybe it’s something as simple as being tired of not being able to keep up with your kids. Have you heard yourself say, “Maybe later, I’m kind of tired right now”? Being overweight can do that to you. Or perhaps you see your children beginning to gain weight. It’s a fact that overweight or obese parents raise overweight or obese children. It doesn’t have to be that way. Maybe this is the motivation you need to change some things in your life. And it can be one of the greatest gifts you ever give your children.

Call Dr Lipman’s Office: If you are really losing your motivation and do not no where to turn, simply call Dr. Lipman. He and his staff will be pleased to help you. Call 305-670-3259 – Its for real!!

So, whatever your motivation to lose weight, the main thing is to find something that works for you. Because after all, finding a reason to be motivated makes losing weight at least a little bit easier.

So there you have it. I promise you, if you are following the HCG diet, then you will lose weight. Therefore you shouldn’t be discouraged, just keep following the plan and it will start to fall off again and you will be far closer to losing the weight that you desire ever so badly.

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