Dr Oz Amazed By HCG Diet Results

Dr. Oz has reviewed the HCG diet on his show on several occasions. He has several doctors who not only discussed their patients but their personal success with the diet.

He discussed the history of the diet pointing out that the HCG diet was invented by a British endocrinologist working in India, and then in Italy, after Word War 2. Dr. Simeons opened a clinic in Rome in the early 1950’s where he treated hundreds of patients with the HCG hormone. Dr. Oz mentioned that Dr. Simeons wrote a book, Pounds and Inches, that presented his diet plan.

Several stories of personal success were shown on Dr. Oz’s show. His own wife Lisa claimed that she was only hungry for the first two days of the diet, but then it was easy to follow. She lost 15 pounds in three weeks. Mary lost about 30 pounds in six weeks and also claimed that she was not hungry while following the diet. Dr. Oz reports that the original Simeons diet was very drastic requiring one to go on a 500 calorie diet without much physical exercise. Dr. Oz also reported patients losing a pound a day on his show which featuring an audience containing many individuals who successfully lost weight.

On each of his shows, Dr. Oz he showed some of the foods on Dr. Simeons strict plan. One of his shows featured a breakfast of black coffee and fruit, 3 ounces of lean meat with some lettuce for lunch, and a dinner consisting of three ounces of meat and a vegetable choice. Snacks consisted of Melba toast and another piece of fruit. (Compare this limited menu to some of the choices in our 800 calorie HCG diet.

Dr. Oz also shared the experiences of one woman who became very tired and fatigued after one week and suffered severe headaches and passed out during the second week. In the following week she missed a menstrual cycle. Dr. Oz concluded that the HCG diet was effective, probably safe, but a little extreme and really depended on the person more than anything else. Dr. Oz was concerned, and rightly so, about possible dangers with calories as low as 500 calories a day. He felt that it was certainly no long term solution to the weight problem in  America.

Note that Dr. Oz is describing the original HCG diet based on Dr. Simeons 500 calorie a day plan. Best Buy HCG suggests the newer 800 calorie a day HCG diet. This permits a high protein breakfast, protein with each meal and several snacks a day. There are fewer episodes of low blood sugar reactions and fewer feelings of deprivation.

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