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Vegetarian Food For the HCG Diet

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Weight Loss for Vegetarians on HCG Diet Can Be Successful Weight loss for vegetarians on HCG diet is  often a difficult problem. Many vegetarians have difficulty losing weight because of large amounts of carbs they eat and limited amount of animal proteins they usually consume. With the... more »
New foods for HCG 2.0 diet in 2020

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Best HCG 2.0  Foods for 2022 What is the HCG 2.0- 800 Calorie Diet? The HCG 2.0 800 calories HCG diet is an update of the original 500 calorie HCG diet of Dr Simeons. This HCG 2.0 diet shopping list ensures easy access to the best food selections.  Dr Lipman has been treating more than 5000... more »