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When Do You Need Lose Weight?

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When Do You Need to Lose Weight?  Psychologic -Physiologic When do you need to lose weight?  Its a personal decision- when, how much  and how to do it.  As you walk through life, you'll stumble across some people who tell you that your weight doesn't matter really, however, they are wrong.... more »
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How HCG Hormone Burns Fat

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HCG Hormone Burns Fat Producing Weight Loss--Most Found Around Abdomen HCG hormone burns fat writes Dr Simeons in his HCG diet reports form the 1950's, The rapid and safe weight loss depends on how HCG  assists in mobilizing fat cells from around the abdomen and trunk as opposed to fat deposited... more »
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Diabetics Do Well on the 800 Calorie HCG Diet

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How Diabetics Can Do Well on the 800 Calorie HCG Diet for 2022: Diabetics do well on the  HCG Diet because they are not only low in absorb able carbs, they are low calorie with easy portion control. Adding low fat products  also helps dieters struggling non only with their blood sugar but also... more »
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HCG Medical Studies: Dr Simeons and Beyond

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HCG Diet Original Research by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons  HCG medical studies begins in 1954:The HCG diet  was invented by De Simeons in the early 1950's and presented in his book Pounds and Inches. In the book he described his unique weight loss plan, based on the natural hormone HCG. His 500 calorie... more »
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15 Great Snacks on Keto and HCG Diets

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15 Great Snacks on Keto  & HCG Diet: All Low Calories, Low Carb and Fat 15 Great snacks on  Keto and HCG diets add variety, prevent feelings of deprivation and  prevent hunger. Almost all satisfy carb and some salt cravings.  These products, some natural and others prepared products all... more »
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10 Mistakes on HCG Diet

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Most Important 10 Mistakes on HCG Diet for 2022 10 mistakes on HCG diet almost always involve food/drinks. In some dieters, alcohol drinking on HCG diet  also plays a significant role. Especially beer and any alcohol drink with sugar mixers. The HCG diet is very sensitive too sugar especially in... more »
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Ketosis and 800 Calorie HCG 2.0 Diet

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HCG Diet Produces Mild Ketosis and Fat Burning Ketones are a normal and efficient source of fuel and energy for the human body. They are produced by the liver from  the fat as it is released from fat cells in response to the absence of glucose/sugar in the HCG diet.  When your body is... more »
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Why Do I Need HCG on Very Low Carb Diets?

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Why do I Need HCG? on Low Carb Diets: can't I just reduce my calories? Very low carbohydrate diets without HCG are difficult to do because of many problems. Here are some of the difficulties low carb dieters experience: Constant Hunger Being cold Fatigued and sleepy all day Metabolism... more »