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New 800 Calorie HCG diet; book updates original hcg diet

New 800 Calorie HCG DIET BOOK: 2020 Update

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New 800 Calorie 2.0 HCG Diet Book for 2020: Features  New HCG Drops/ Injections, Veggie Carbs, Snacks New 800 Calorie HCG 2.0 Diet Book, published in 2018 by Amazon.com features: Many new recipes, Low carb products, HCG preparations New veggie carb pastas Cauliflower rice ... more »
Low Calorie Weight Loss and Low Blood Sugar

Why Do I Need HCG on Very Low Carb Diets?

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Why do I Need HCG? Why can't I just reduce my calories? Can't I lose just as much without the HCG? Here is is what happens on very low carb diets from a recent large study Constant Hunger Being cold Fatigued and sleepy all day Metabolism decreased by 30%. Making the actual reduction in... more »
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HCG Phases from Dr Simeons

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3 Original Phases of Dr. Simeon's HCG Diet HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. HCG diet has become very popular these days simply because HCG produces fast weight loss. Though people have an idea about HCG diet, you need to know the stages in order to better understand it. There are... more »
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HCG Diet Pellets vs HCG Drops

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Are HCG Diet Pellets Effective in the 800 Calorie HCG Diet? The HCG diet pellets or pills are helpful in keeping hunger pangs subsided and aiding in quick weight loss. Here is a quick review of the HCG diet pellets, their usage, dosage, and their full strength and how they differ from the... more »
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What Are Good Carbs in the HCG Diet?

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Low Carb Diets Depend on "Good" Carbs Good carbs include those that have little to no effect on blood sugar after ingestion. They can be divided into natural products and chemical products used as fillers and additives: Vegetables: most of them Whole fruits: Apples, strawberries,... more »
800 Calorie HCG book and weight loss manual

Diabetics Do Well on the 800 Calorie HCG Diet

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How Diabetics Can Do Well on the 800 Calorie HCG Diet for 2020: 1. Low Carb/Low Fat/High Protein HCG Foods are really Diabetic Foods:  800 calorie HCG diet consists of low carb- low fat foods and drinks suitable for diabetics. In fact, Dr. Lipman has "borrowed" many food products originally made... more »
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HCG Drops as Effective as HCG Injections

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Are HCG Diet Drops As Effective as HCG Injections? -- Yes The HCG diet drops are easy to travel with. The do not require refrigeration, no need to carry around needles, or alcohol pads. HCG diet drops require no mixing. Many people do not know how to mix HCG and especially to keep the preparation... more »
Real HCG Diet Drops for men

How HCG Hormone Supports Fat Burning

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Weight Loss in the HCG Diet is Due to HCG Hormone Burning Fat Dr Simeons HCG diet depends on how HCG  assists in mobilizing fat cells from around the abdomen and trunk as opposed to fat deposited on the buttocks, arms, legs.  Why is this so important from a medical point of view?   Dr... more »
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How Safe HCG Drops Quickly Burn Fat

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HCG Drops Diet from  Dr Lipman's  are Fast and Safe HCG: The purest, most potent HCG, purchased in the USA and prepared in Dr Lipman's laboratory in Miami, Fl    • Supervision: Designed and supervised by a board certified, MD physician who is both an internist and endocrinologist. Dr... more »
HCG Diet Drops: Which is the best for you

HCG Medical Studies: Dr Simeons and Beyond

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HCG Diet Original Research by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons  HCG medical studies begins in 1954:The HCG diet  was invented by De Simeons in the early 1950's and presented in his book Pounds and Inches. In the book he described his unique weight loss plan, based on the natural hormone HCG. His 500 calorie... more »