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How to Increase Metabolism in the HCG Diet with Foods

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Increasing Metabolism (and Fat Burning) with HCG Friendly  Foods Foods can increase metabolism by process of digestion. Every time you eat you burn calories no different than when you ride a bike or climb a flight of stairs. How can eating burn calories? How? It's part of the metabolism, the... more »
Dr. Oz Says Give HCG A Try!

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Dr. Oz broadcast a full show on the HCG diet on June 28, 2011. Here is a summary of what the show presented. Dr. Oz did a segment called Weight Loss Miracle or Hype: The HCG Diet. Doctor Oz said that the HCG Diet is a controversial diet where people claim to lose a pound a day and yet they never... more »
cheating on hcg diet causes hunger and weight gain

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Cheating or Mistakes with Carbs Causes Reversal of HCG Diet Unlike most diets, one can cheat on a meal or two and make up for it on the following day because the weight loss process is due a simple reduction in calories. For example, if you have a 500 calorie piece of birthday cake on a Saturday,... more »
The benefits of Weight Loss

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HCG Diet and Exercise--Increases Weight Loss in HCG Diet; But-No Killer Workouts on the HCG Plan As with most things on the HCG diet there are multiple views on whether exercise should be incorporated as part of the HCG diet. Even among those who do recommend exercise, there is no consensus on the... more »
How to Get Started on HCG Diet

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HCG Weight Loss: Lose All the Weight You Want with the HCG Diet Drops and the 800 Calorie  HCG Food Plan Potent HCG Drops 60-Day Kit Your HCG Weight Loss Kit Should Include: 1 or more bottles of HCG with shrink wrap top Dr Lipman's Manual: New 800 Calorie HCG Diet Dr Lipman's HCG Food Plan... more »
Weight Loss for Women

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HCG Drops Improves Weight Loss in Menopause When a women’s menstrual periods have stopped for a year or when her blood shows high levels of LH and FSH hormones (LH and FSH are hormones called gonadotropins that are made by the pituitary gland in the middle of the brain) she is said to be in the... more »
HCG Diet Before and After showing fastg weight loss - Bathing Suit

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800 Calorie HCG Protocol: HCG Diet Drops Produce Amazing Weight Loss Without Side Effects Many patients ask me: Why do I need HCG? Why can't I just reduce my calories? Can't I lose just as much weight without the HCG? Are HCG diet drops and HCG injections the same? Are HCG diet drops safe? How... more »
drops for hcg diet

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HCG Diet Drops vs. HCG Injections: Very Little Weight Loss Differences HCG injections vs. HCG drops have been controversial over the past 8 years. Many patients taking the HCG drops or HCG injections I have followed do equally well on HCG as compared to the HCG injections. No only is the weight... more »