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hcg increases metabolism and promotes healthy living

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HCG and cancer- no increased risk of many cancers, especially breast cancer. Quite the contrary--a recent research study in Philadelphia suggests it may be prevented by this hormone. Here is some of the early evidence that led researchers to the conclusion that breast cancer in women may be... more »
before and after images on winners on hcg diet

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REAl HCG--either in drops or injections occurs during pregnancy. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is produced naturally in the body, which uses the fat stores for nourishment of fetus. When a woman isn’t pregnant, HCG is used for burning the obstinate fat into energy and thus lose weight. A... more »
Sports & Health Drinks Cause Weight Gain

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Sports & Health Drinks  Cause Weight Gain due to High sugar   Untold millions of Americans report they drink these sports and health drinks for several reasons including improved immunity from illnesses, "better well being," "energy" and simply because they believe they are supplementing... more »
hcg diet very effective over age 60

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Superior HCG Diet Drops Increase Metabolism Dieters Over Age Sixty Do Well on Superior  HCG Diet drops Because of Increase Metabolism with HCG Hormone & Absence of Side Effects.Losing weight gets harder and harder with aging because of both a slowing of metabolism and daily activities. What... more »
hcg diet and weight loss

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HCG Hormone Drops: How to Get Motivated To Begin Your HCG Diet HCG hormone drops offer fast and safe weight loss. How does a person get motivated if they are not in the mood to do so? Here is advice on how to accomplish this. Motivation in humans is all in the brain. It is mental. Our brains... more »
Fitting Exercise into a Hectic Schedule

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HCG Diet and Exercise: HCG Injections and Drops with Exercise Boosts Fat-Burning and Weight Loss HCG Diet and Exercise Controversial: As with most things, there are multiple views on whether exercise should be incorporated as part of the HCG diet. Some web sites say exercise is not important,... more »
hcg increases metabolism and promotes healthy living

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10 Side Effect from HCG Diet: Minimal Side Effects from HCG Hormone- Side Effects are from Very Low Carb Diet 1. Fatigue and lightheartedness (usually late afternoon)--low blood sugar reaction 2. Leg Cramps--usually from lack of potassium in diet 3. Breast Tenderness (in women)--very rare, from... more »
Depressed Overweight Lady

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Insomnia is Among Top the  3 Cause of Weight Gain Weight gain from Insomnia  is one of the top 3 causes of weight gain. Do you know why you need a good night's sleep to really lose weight? An unbalanced sleep pattern can have a very detrimental effect on your weight. Whether it’s too little or... more »