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hcg increases metabolism and promotes healthy living

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HCG and cancer- no increased risk of many cancers, especially breast cancer. Quite the contrary--a recent research study in Philadelphia suggests it may be prevented by this hormone. Here is some of the early evidence that led researchers to the conclusion that breast cancer in women may be... more »
before and after images on winners on hcg diet

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REAl HCG--either in drops or injections occurs during pregnancy. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is produced naturally in the body, which uses the fat stores for nourishment of fetus. When a woman isn’t pregnant, HCG is used for burning the obstinate fat into energy and thus lose weight. A... more »
HCG and Menstruation: No Issues

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The HCG Diet and Drops Do NOT Need to Be Stopped During Menstruation With all the different questions about the HCG diet, probably the most common is: Should women continue taking HCG drops throughout their menstrual cycle? HCG drops are becoming a more and more popular form of HCG, so this issue... more »
Weight Loss for Women

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HCG Drops Improves Weight Loss in Menopause When a women’s menstrual periods have stopped for a year or when her blood shows high levels of LH and FSH hormones (LH and FSH are hormones called gonadotropins that are made by the pituitary gland in the middle of the brain) she is said to be in the... more »