6 Secrets on How to Avoid Weight Loss Plateaus on the HCG Diet

6 Secrets to avoid HCG diet plateaus  can ensure rapid and safe weight loss. The HCG diet has less plateaus than most diets, but they do occur. They are the primary reason people stop the diet. Find the cause and preventing plateaus–natural or self induced is the goal of successful HCG dieters.

HCG diet weight loss plateaus that do occur can be prevented. Among the techniques to boost metabolism is  by drinking water and zero calorie, zero sugar diet sodas or any other beverage with no sugar and no calories as well as exercising. ,Staying up to late at night thus inadequate sleep is a common cause of plateaus because it leads to  inadequate activity the next day and is associated with overeating..The water consumption needs to be timed with the eating. Drinking water all day has little effect on weight loss. HCG diet breakfasts with protein almost always results in fast weight loss.

Comparison of High and Low-Calorie Beverages Over a Day

Here are the calorie counts for when picking low calorie and low carb beverages. The light beer was reduced to 8 oz. The differences are huge:

Low calorie beverages are great for the hcg diet
Bad Beverages

An extensive 6 month study on the effects of zero calorie beverages in weight loss was reported in the Jargan Post on July 28, 2012. Alcohol drinking and plateaus,  especially beer and drinks with sugary mixes is often a overlooked issue in the hCG diet platau.

Effect of Diet Beverages and Weight Loss

London: Replacing calorie-laden beverages with water or diet soft drinks can help people lose 4 to 5 pounds, health experts say. In a new study, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers compared weight loss for 318 overweight or obese people, who were divided into three groups: those who switched from calorie-laden beverages to diet soft drinks; those who switched to water; and those who were not counselled to change beverages but received general information about healthy choices that could lead to weight loss.”

Preventing Weight Loss Plateaus: “Substituting noncaloric beverages”- A Simple Change

Whether it’s water, diet soft drinks or something else – can be a clear and simple change for people who want to lose or maintain weight,” said study author Deborah Tate, Ph.D., associate professor of nutrition and of health behavior at the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health and member of the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center:

  • Tate and colleagues undertook the study to provide scientific evidence of whether eliminating calories from beverages is an effective weight loss tool that health-care providers and nutritional counselors could recommend. All three groups experienced small reductions in weight and waist circumference during the 6-month study.
  • However, people who switched to calorie-free beverages were twice as likely to lose 5 percent or more of their body weight than those who were not counseled to change beverages. People in the group who drank mostly water had lower fasting glucose levels and better hydration levels than the control group. “Substituting specific foods or beverages that provide a substantial portion of daily calories may be a useful strategy for modest weight loss or weight gain prevention,” Tate said.
  • This is an ideal study because it shows that tiny changes even in beverages can have very significant effects on body weight and even metabolic parameters. Its very simple to substitute a high calorie, high sugar beverage for one of the hundreds of zero calorie substitutes. Note in the study, no mention was made about drinking 5 or 10 bottles of water a day. Just a simple change. It should be that all groups making the change experience both weight loss and reduction in belly fat. What is most important is that the dieter does not go ahead and eat some high-calorie food because she has reduced her beverage calories. Therefore, she escapes the weight loss plateaus by making one simple change.

Weight Loss From Non Caloric Beverages

Preventing weight loss plateaus with added no sugar, non-calorie beverages requires minimal self-monitoring (only beverages) and included monthly treatment visits with recommendations to change one aspect of dietary behavior and produced a 2–2.5% weight loss. The importance of caloric beverages as a target for calorie reduction is noteworthy because they are typically consumed at least daily, whereas food intake types may vary. This approach is more consistent with others recommending small but potentially sustainable changes as a technique for long term weight loss and weight control.

Dr Simeons and Diet Beverages

The original protocol of Dr. Simeon’s in the HCG diet did not mention diet beverages because it was written 20 years before the beverages were invented. I find no reason that dieter cannot drink them, so go ahead. Lose the weight and finally get off the weight loss plateaus.


Review Your HCG Food Protocol for Mistakes: Calories,  Carbs, Fat and Protein

The first step to getting off a plateau is to make sure you are not making food mistakes such as large portions of fatty beef or pork, foods or drinks with hidden carbs, or high-fat products. Vegetables (unless they come from a can are rare causes of problems.)Are you having a good source of protein for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Its crucial for weight loss to have adequate protein. Either write down everything you are eating for a week, or use an app such as Lose It or My Fitness Pal. You need to check calories(should be 800 or less), daily net carbs (should be 30-40 g/day) and protein as high as possible. Consult food labels for processed products. Review food labels for hidden carbs and fats.

Eat 6 Apples during a Day with Minimal Liquids or try a  Shake Day

Dr. Simeons suggests an Apple Day in his original diet. I have seen it work. So give it a try.  Better yet try a day with 5-6 high protein, low carb shakes. Premier protein is my favorite at 160 calories, 1 sugar and 30 grams of protein. Its available from amazon.com, Costco, BJ, Walmart.

Eliminate All Fruits for a Week

This is another approach to sugar problem. Eliminating sugar from fruits will dramatically reduce your total net carbs for the day. Seek total net carbs of less than 30 grams/day.

6 Secrets to Avoid HCG Diet Plateaus Includes Not Enough Sleep

Many dieters find that inadequate sleep results in less weight loss on the next day. Eight to 10 hours of sleep is consistent with weight loss. Seven hours seems to be the breakeven point where some people will slow their weight loss down. Definitly 5- 6 hours of sleep is associated with slowing metabolism and an increase in gherlin which increases appetite. Sleep less than 7 hours per day is termed, “short sleep” and is associated with elevated blood sugars, lower metabolism, less energy expenditure, increased appetite and weight gain or slowing of weight loss on a calorie restricted diets. The fatigue that occurs with short sleep cycles plays a definite role in lowering metabolism.

Slowing Metabolism with All Weight Loss Programs: Most Common Cause of Weight Loss Plateaus

Its normal to have your weight loss slow down as you lose weight. Many factors play a role in this very frustrating experience including an increase in appetite, a reduction in metabolism and fatigue. Dieters are surprised that this happens because they are exercising and eating the same food and suddenly their weight loss comes to a halt. Some of the slow down is the result of the loss of muscle mass as you lose weight. This happens even when exercising. Failure to take vitamin and potassium supplements also plays a role .  Another secret to avoid  plateaus in the HCG Diet is to take  weight loss medications that increase metabolism. Simply adding some  vegetables that increase metabolism.Save

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