15 Great Snacks on Keto  & HCG Diet: All Low Calories, Low Carb and Fat

15 Great snacks on  Keto and HCG diets add variety, prevent feelings of deprivation and  prevent hunger. Almost all satisfy carb and some salt cravings.  These products, some natural and others prepared products all contain low sugar and low carbs and low fats. Some have high protein as well. All are portion controlled with low calories.  When containing high protein (ideal protein> 10g per portion) and low sugar (ideal sugar < 2-3 g/portion.). These snacks are all low calorie with easy portion control. In both the HCG and Keto diets they add the necessary carbs to make the diets palatable. You can find a complete list of them on the HCG 2,0 Shopping list. 

15 Great Snacks In the HCG 2.0 diet follow guidelines:

About 80 calories or less (a few good products are 100 calorie protein shakes or bars)–net carbs < 40 g/day

  1. Should have 3 grams of total fat or less
  2. Should have as much protein as possible–protein causes fullness and stops cravings.
  3. For a carb product: net carbs should be 8 net carbs or less per item
  4. Must have 2-3 grams of sugar or less
  5. Net carbs  less than 7 grams
    Net carbs = total carbs – fiber – sugar alcohols – splenda (count as 2)
  6. A few fruits are included.

15 Great Snacks in the Keto Diet Include

Can have 8 grams of total fat or less–more than in the HCG diet

  1. Should have as much protein as possible
  2. For a carb product: net carbs should  4-6 grams(daily net carbs are 20-25 grams or less)
  3. Must have 2-3 grams of sugar or less per item
  4.  Net carbs less than 7 grams
  5. Fruits should be avoided completely


15 Great Snacks on Keto and HCG Diet:” Buy Snacks and  Other Hard to Find Products on Dr Lipman’s Amazon.com HCG Diet Products Store

snacks for hcg diet

. Three fruits are also available as snacks in the HCG diet but not on the keto diet.

fruits for hcg diet

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