10 Pounds of Weight Loss on the HCG Diet is Easy, Safe and Can Save Your Life: See How

Advantages of Losing as Little As 10 Lbs. of Weight on HCG Drops

Most people feel that they could lose a few pounds to be healthier but don’t fully realize all of the advantages of weight loss. Maybe the extra weight that they are carrying was put on over 20 years or they have always been a bit heavy, and they can’t remember what it feels like to be trim and fit. There are tons of advantages not only for your physical health but also your overall well being and quality of life. You can start to feel the positive effects even by losing just 10 lbs. Obviously the more you lose the better you will feel, but making you goals achievable and then using this momentum will allow you to accomplish larger weight loss goals.

Health Benefits of 10 lb Weight Loss

There are tons of weight loss  benefits associated with losing as little as 10 lbs. The immediate benefits include: increased energy, reduced aches or pains, improved sleep quality and improved mobility. People are often lulled into a sense of normal pain and adapt to chronic aches and pains, but losing a bit of excess weight could be the solution. Not only are there short-term benefits but the longer lasting health effects are even more beneficial.

The long term benefits and health effects revolve around lowering your overall risk for disease and illness. These benefits include, but are not limited to, lowering cholesterol levels, reducing blood pressure, prevention of angina, and preventing type 2 diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar levels. With as little as 10% weight loss the research seems to indicate that people with sleep apnea noticeably improved their sleep patterns. The further the weight loss the more positive health effects that can be seen. Although weight loss is preferable it is more important to maintain a healthy weight and this is most easily accomplished through gradual and sustained weight loss.

Our bodies are designed to store excess fat for times when we need energy and not designed to store this weight for extended periods of time. Losing 10-100 lbs. takes time and focus and making it as simple as possible will increase the likelihood of achieving your goals. Start with a relatively small weight loss goal and then build on the momentum that is created and you will be at your ideal healthy weight before you know it.

More About the Risks of Carrying Around a Few Extra Pounds

Metabolic Syndrome Components

You don’t have to be obese or be 30 lbs. overweight to increase your risk for heart attacks. All it takes is gaining 7 lb. to increase you chances of having a heart attack by 11%. Double that weight gain and you have a 25% risk.

Spanning two decades, 21,000 non-smoking American male doctors -average starting age of 53- without heart disease were followed annually for 8 years. Blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, heart disease and cancer were checked yearly. You will be surprised how poorly they did. Only 1109 male doctors were in this part of the study. Here is what they found:

  • A higher BMI increased heart failure risk in active & inactive participants.
  • Modestly overweight had increased heart risk – increasing with weight gain.
  • Every 7 pounds of excess weight = 11% increased heart risk in the 20 years.
  • Overweight participants had a 49% heart failure increase.
  • Obese participants had a 180% heart failure increase.
  • Active participants experienced an 18% reduction in heart failure risk.
  • Higher activity participants experienced a 36% reduction in heart failure.

There was a doubling of obesity in these doctors! The study shows that even in healthy doctors in this country, who presumably should know better, there was a doubling of obesity and a 8% increase in those overweight. The general US population is far behind with 33% obese and 67% overweight. You will see how your belt size is your best measurement of your risks for getting high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, heart attack, cancer and even dying young!

Life Span is Related to Waist Size

In the largest study to date of obesity and lifespan, 500,000 European men and women had 20% increase in mortality for every 2 inch increase in waist size above 38 inches for men and 32 inches for women. Find your relative risk of dying young: ( risk: 1.0 = average, 2.0= twice the risk). Men with a waist of 45 inches were twice as likely to die young as compared to men with a 39 inch waist. For women it was 43 inches vs. 31 inches. The same trend applied even to normal, non-overweight adults: increasing abdominal fat with waist girth  above 34 inches was associated with increased risk–inch by inch!

Risks of Dying Young from Obesity

Here is a rough correlation: Every 2 inch increase in your belt size =17% increase chance of dying young. (Walking a mile a day = a 2 inch reduction in a year). The same 2 inch increase in your waist size results in a 25% increase in diabetes and heart disease and cuts off 1 to 2 years from your life span.

Risk of Complications from Gaining Weight

You don’t have to be obese or be 30 lbs. overweight to increase your risk for heart attacks. All it takes is gaining 7 lb. to increase you chances of having a heart attack by 11%. Double that weight gain and you have a 25% risk

Reduce Your Weight with HCG Diet, Reduce Your Risks

Whether you are seven pounds or 70 pounds overweight, the more you lose weight, the more you reduce your risk for heart failure and prolong your life. Even a 7 lb. weight loss increases life span.

The American Heart Association recommends healthy adults age 18-65 should get 30 minutes of moderate level activity five days per week. Adults 65 and older or those aged 50 – 64 with chronic conditions or physical limitations need to follow additional guidelines provided by their physician

What These Data Show Us

You don’t have to lose 30 or 40 lb. to change you life risks. Even 7 or 10 lb. results in significant reduction in complications and even premature death. The reason is that all of the problems are due to fat inside the abdomen making new, dangerous chemicals. Shrinking these cells by even a little weight reduction changes their function: lowering blood pressure, strokes, cancer risks and heart disease.

Losing 10-15 lbs. is easy on the HCG diet, and you can do it in a couple of weeks.

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